XCite Manual CMM


The XCite is a cost effective, all air bearing CMM, manufactured from granite with intrinsic accuracy. The available measuring sizes cover the majority of applications for manual inspection on a CMM including production parts, tools and fixtures. Manufactured from metrological materials to precise tolerances the XCite is assembled by craftsmen and measures to microns.

XCite is a globally available CMM from Xspect Solutions, the 3rd largest CMM supplier in the USA. An Xspect CMM is built to microns, measures to microns for life; guaranteed.

With accuracy at its HEART and straight to the point! XCite is an accurate CMM straight and true; not a aluminum CMM with skin deep accuracy derived only from a mathematical error map. Our competitors have lost the art of building accurate CMMs and rely totally on veneered accuracy.

Class leading price/performance ratios.

As a manual unit XCite has individual locks and fine adjustment for each axis as standard; its hand wheels allowing fine adjustment to suit metrology application and operator feel.


XCite the large volume manual CMM solution.
Full Function CAD Software With No Options

XCite comes complete with the industry benchmark OpenDMIS measuring software offering full CAD capabilities as standard and incorporating the unique Quick Measure™ feature allowing complete hands-free inspection. XCite the most productive manual CMM ever. Full reverse engineering functionality to measure and scan features with export of resulting data in IGES format. Quick Measure™ utilizes the software’s intellect to determine the feature type under measurement and allows for rapid part inspection without the traditional tedious need to instruct the software what you intend to inspect next. Simply probe the part and leave the rest to OpenDMIS.