Docking System

Universal Docking

• Customized Docking

• Teradyne J750

• Advantest T2000

• Advantest T6672

• Verigy 93K

• Calibration fixtures and test jigs

• Clamp shells


Comparison with other docking system


  • Competitive price
  • Short delivery time
  • Universal to most types handlers and testers
  • Escalator lock feature
  • AFCB: suitable for different stack height variation
  • Durable bold rod concept
  • Quick conversion
  • Allows automatic docking in the future


  • Expensive
  • Long delivery time
  • No flexibility between diff handlers and testers
  • Wire snap during locking
  • Fixed docking height
  • Adjustment needed constantly
  • Does not allow automatic docking in the future


Clamp Shell


Docking Advantest T6575


Docking Catalyst


Docking Credence SC312


Docking Delta Castle


Docking Delta Flex


Docking HP 83K


Docking LTX Fusion HF


Docking Teradyne Catalyst to Delta Castle